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Property Tax News


Effective September 1, 2013, the Texas Legislature changed the requirements for all Residence Homestead.


General Residence Homestead Exemption

Age 65 or Older Exemption

Age 55 or Older Surviving Spouse Exemption

Disabled Person Exemption

100% Disabled Veteran Exemption


IMPORTANT NOTE: The property address on the exemption application must match the address listed on the applicant’s Texas driver’s license/Texas identification certificate.


May 31, is the dead-line to protest your real property value in Texas, however the protest dead-line maybe extended depending on when the appraisal district value noticed your property. (
call for details)


Friday April 15, is the dead-line to file your Business Personal Property Tax Rendition or 15-day extension. 

Harris County Tax Assessor………… delinquent business personal property tax accounts will be turned over to attorneys for collection on April 2 and a 15 to 20 percent penalty will be added to any unpaid balance. For businesses located outside Harris County with delinquent business personal property tax accounts, you maybe facing the same accelerated collection action and penalty on April 2. Please be advised that some County Tax Assessors might not accept partial payments. 

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